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About Blár

We develop and provide unique technology solutions for the aquaculture industry, thereby making farming out at sea both eco-friendly and profitable.

«I do not ask you to change direction, but I ask you to accelerate the progress»

Kofi Annan - aquavison 2012

A definite game changer

Blár shall contribute to achieve the ambitious roadmap for Norwegian Aquaculture.

Through investments in research and innovation, suppliers to the aquaculture industry will become a significant contributor to the development of Norwegian aquaculture.


Bachelor and Master thesis

We are developing tomorrow's offshore based aquaculture. And while doing so, we let dedicated students write Bachelor and Master thesis for us. In 2020, the following Bachelor and Master thesis were written:

Master thesis:

  • PESTEL analysis  for the Octopus offshore fish farm in international waters
  • Investment analysis of jack-ups used as offshore fish farms

Bachelor thesis:

  • Redundant pull down system for fish cage